Wednesday, November 18, 2009

TV Show Review: Glee

Generally speaking, if I love a television show it is destined to be canceled. Seriously, almost every show that I love lasts a season, maybe two before it is ended for not having enough support, or because it conflicted with other shows that were just a little more popular. It gets irritating, especially after the recent cancellation of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

This fall, with the beginning of the new television season, I decided that I was going to give a few shows a watch to see if the networks could find me somebody to love... and they did.

If you have been watching Glee, you wll have been watching the breakout hit of the season! I don't usually gush about television shows, but this one is really good. Glee is funny without overselling the humor, dramatic without being morose, and just good fun. The fact that it has music that is well done and doesn't grate on my ears is just a bonus.

The basic premise of the show is that a young teacher agrees to take over the Glee Club at a small-town Ohio high school. The Glee Club is demoralized and only has one or two members, none of whom can be remotely considered cool. While the new teacher tries to recruit people, he is stymied at every turn by the creepy coach of the cheerleader squad (who calls them "Cheerios"). Anyway, the usual dorks v. cool people premise plays out in it's usual way, but is made that much better by the music, which is really good.

I suppose that if I cared to do so, I could dissect this show and figure out reasons to hate it, but I'm not going to. Why not? Because the show is fun, thats why, and I think that if more people had more fun, they would sleep better, live longer, have more fulfilling sex lives... and they'd quit being such tools.


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