Monday, September 10, 2007

DVD Review: Toolbox For New Dads

As all of you know, I am the father of two daughters. You probably also know that I am an advocate of what I call "fully participatory fatherhood". I am always interested in any movement, group, forum, or product that has, as it's main aim, the inclusion of dads in the whole parenting experience.

Today, despite the fact that I am either going into, or recovering from surgery as you read this, I get to review a product with a fierce amount of pleasure.

The picture that you See here is from the cover of a new DVD called Toolbox For New Dads, with bestselling author, Armin Brott.

In the DVD, Brott is shown teaching a class for expectant fathers and giving them incredibly valuable information that practically no men were ever given until perhaps the past ten or so years.

Here, Brott starts the discussion by showing men how to hold & calm a crying baby baby! Think about this... many of you may be saying to yourselves "well, everybody knows how to do that!", but I am here to tell you that is "ain't necessarily so". I had no idea how to hold a sleeping baby, let alone hold & calm a crying baby when my oldest was born. I was a young man that had no baby siblings... no nieces or nephews that I had handled as babies... I had to learn on my own. Now, here is this guy showing men how to do this BEFORE the actually have to do it. Awesome.

I'm loving this, right from the start.

The DVD goes on to discuss and give advice about how to interact with your baby, changing relationships with your partner, helping with breast-feeding (What? you mean we men have a role there, too?), what babies do, intimacy, and S-E-X! Yes, folks, there is sex after baby (or at least, there should be).

This DVD has a wealth of information that I nodded my head about and heartily agreed with. It was full of things that I had to learn on my own, which, with a baby, is something akin to walking through a minefield, hoping that you won't lose your legs in the process. Expectant dads will find this DVD to be an excellent resource.

Gunfighter gives full marks, and a high recommendation.

But wait! We aren't quite finished. The target of this DVD is clearly expectant or brand new fathers, but that doesn't mean that expectant moms shouldn't watch this as well. Expectant or new moms may learn some things about what her man may be feeling before and after the arrival of the baby. Moms may learn to allow dads to be more participatory fathers, which is not only great for the future relationship that dad has with his child, but also great for dad's relationship with mom.

Everybody wins, here, my friends.

Armin Brott has done something special here, and I think it is worthy of a good hard look by new and expectant parents.


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