Saturday, August 18, 2007

Book Review: Fathering Your School-Age Child:

In some places they say that the way to measure someones intelligence is to measure it against the degree to which they agree with you. If I were to use that yardstick, I would have to conclude the Armin Brott, the Author of Fathering Your School-Age Child - A Dad's Guide To The Wonder Years, is a friggin' genius!

Armin Brott, A Marine Corps veteran (Woo Hoo!), is a bestselling author and lecturer on the subject of fatherhood. Most of you who read my blog know how serious I am about being a dad... well, Armin Brott is serious about it, too, and has given us dads a very clear and concise primer on some things for us to pay attention to when it comes to our young school-age children.

This book is a guide to what to expect and how to deal with children from ages three to nine years old... what Brott calls "The Wonder Years", and I have to tell you, that right from the beginning of this book, I found myself circling things and highlighting like mad, and saying to my wife: "hey! listen to this!".

Each chapter in the book is broken down like this: What's Going On With Your Child; What's Going On With You; You and Your Child; You and Your Partner. In each of these sections, the author speaks specifically to each point, discussing things that our kids are doing developmentally, our interactions with them, and our interactions with our partners in parenting.

This book has an incredible amount of information that will help a father know what is happening in the development of his child educationally as well as emotionally. Brott teaches us about educational choices, discipline, developing physical, intellectual and emotional traits, activities to do with our kids throughout the age-range covered, the use/abuse of the media, school sports, being an involved parent at school (prepare for rejection, dads!), and so many other things that I can't properly list them.

OK, Men! Listen to your pal, Gunfighter... you know that I would never bullshit you about anything concerning our children, so read this book and pay attention to what it says. It's important to you and your kids. Ladies, you, too, know that good ol' GF would never BS you about the kiddies. If you have young children, give this book to your partner... he'll thank you for it, and you and your children will benefit from it.

If you take anything from this review, take this: This is an excellent resource for any man who is truly interested in doing a real man's job: Being an involved father to his children


Armin Brott has a website at You can find out all about his books, DVD's, and lectures, there.

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